Our goal is to provide an innovative approach to vineyard contracting and management, with an emphasis on providing economical quality vineyard services tailored to each client’s needs and requirements.

Estate Wineries

We work alongside larger wineries, ensuring their premium parcels can reach their full potential. We can also assist them when they need us for specific tasks, or for temporary relief for management during transition periods. We work closely with the winemakers in order to meet the requirements necessary to produce the highest quality wines.

Medium to Small Vineyards

Outsourcing management and labour has proven to be worry free and cost effective for growers with smaller parcels.  From full season management to task specific contracts, we work with the growers to give them reliable, quality labour that fits their budget.

Hobby Growers and Landscape Vineyards

Meritage invites you to discover the pleasures and rewards of home vineyards. We can help you develop and maintain your backyard vineyard, as well as teach you how to maintain it yourself.

Our services include:

  1. Full vineyard management
    • Winter pruning
    • Canopy management and vine training
    • Vineyard spray applications for pest and disease control
    • Vineyard cover crop maintenance, and weed control
    • Irrigation maintenance and scheduling
    • Soil and plant tissue analysis
    • Fertilizer and compost application
    • Netting
    • Harvesting
    • Consulting and vineyard assessment
  2. Vineyard development
    • Land assessment and preparation
    • Irrigation design and installation
    • Trellis installation
    • Grape variety, clone, and rootstock selection
    • Planting
    • Old vineyard trellis and irrigation upgrades and repairs
  3. Vineyard and farmland leasing
  4. Budgeting, production, and cost evaluation